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General rules
  1. General rules

    1.1. Do not flood. The message should be semantic, the post should not contain only a smiley face. Messages containing only "thank you", "personal received" and the like are considered as a flood. Messages that are not relevant to the current topic should be placed under the tag [* SPOILER] [/ SPOILER]

    1.2. Before creating a topic with a request to find, download something or ask, it is recommended to use the search (top, right), because such a topic can already be raised by someone else, and yours will only clog the forum.

    1.3. Secure your account: tie your mail to the phone, then in case of hacking you can easily restore everything. Please do not save passwords in browsers.

    1.4. Respect forum users.

    1.5. Try not to load the site, do not use 3 tabs at a time.

    1.6. When exchanging information from the site, be sure to indicate the source.

    1.7. The site has content designed for people over 18 years old.

    1.8. There is a FAQ on the forum, as well as the Guides section of the forum.

    1.9. The site does not adhere to a specific nationality, but the forum is customary to communicate in English.

Forum Rules
  1. Forum Rules
    2.1. Spamming your store / site / channel / group - Ban / blacklisting your store or site.

    2.2. Advertising forum sites of competitors is prohibited.

    2.3. Cheating, buying / selling sympathies is prohibited.

    2.4. Begging for sympathy is prohibited. Hints that the user has put sympathy are similarly forbidden (sympathy increases the chance, put simpas - I give accounts, etc.).

    2.5. Distribution of malicious files is prohibited.

    2.6. Creating multiple accounts (twins) or using someone else's is strictly prohibited.

    2.7. Merging private information (Haida) from this forum is prohibited. It’s forbidden to request merges from this forum. Selling highs from this forum is likewise prohibited.

    2.8. When uploading any exe file, you must attach a link to http://www.virustotal.com

    2.9. The nickname should not contain advertising of any site, insult other users, contain a meaningless set of numbers / letters (12345678, safgfdgssd, etc.)

    2.10. Use of shortened links is prohibited.

    2.11. "Damage / Hack / Threaten / Ddos'it" Other "Sites / Forums" On behalf of "https://hqcombo.com" - Forbidden. Engage in this activity as a legal entity that has no relation to this forum.

    2.12. Topics must be placed in the appropriate sections.

    2.13. The abuse of "CAPS LOCK" is prohibited.

    2.14. If you are "thrown" - Create a topic in the Arbitration section.

    2.15. It is forbidden to upload files to file hosting sites ska4ay.com, mediadisk.net and the like. Also, you can not use Rghost for long relevant resources (cfg, methods, mods).

    2.16. It is forbidden to raise old irrelevant topics.

    2.17. To ask for "personal" is allowed only in the LAN to the author of the topic, in the subject it is forbidden to do this.

    2.18. It is forbidden to place referral links without specifying the usual.

    2.20. Raising the topic with the words "Up", "actual" is prohibited. To do this, there is a button "Raise the theme", which is located in the menu when you click on "Theme options".

    2.21. Begging is prohibited (borrow 100 rubles, give an account warface, etc.).

    2.22. Carding, programs / scripts / panels / stressors for conducting Ddos attacks are prohibited.

    2.23. It is forbidden to use the "easy simp", "thank you", "I will give simp" and the like constructions. The exception is the Write a review section, + rep, like.

    2.24. The topic title should briefly display its essence, the headings of the form “Help !!”, “All to here”, “to help”, “what to do ??”, “help” and the like are forbidden.

    2.25. User avatars should not contain pornographic materials, inscriptions similar in color, text, or form to the colored group tags of paid groups, command staff labels (Legend, Forum Team, Arbiter, and so on).

    2.26. Topics about the pyramids, hypes are prohibited. Similarly prohibited topics about raising, multiplying other people's money.

    2.27. Topics with the distribution of rubles to users are prohibited. Please note that ignoring these conditions will lead to the suspension of your account.

  1. Trade
    3.1. The title of the topic in the trading section should reveal the essence of the content of the topic.

    3.2. The price of the product / service must be indicated in the subject.

    3.3. The topic should include a description of the product or service. If you are selling an item, there should be a link to the profile and / or a few screenshots of the profile / inventory. Be sure to indicate the origin of things (Brutus / Personal).

    3.4. Contacts must be indicated in the subject. If you specify the contacts in the form of an image, put your contacts under the spoiler in the "Text View".

    3.5. If a person under the profile picture has a “Forum Team” block, then he has the right to check your product. Failure to verify will be regarded as fraud. At the time of verification, the reviewer closes the topic, after - opens and writes a review about the product / service.

    3.6. Engaged in commercial activities on the forum, you automatically agree to conduct any transactions through the guarantor of this site.

    3.7. Users with the Novoreg, Local group do not have the right to place stores in the "Trade" section and its subsections. Violators will be punished, and their subject will be deleted. To get this opportunity, you need to buy a seller or upgrade your account to the Verified

    3.8 group . Forbidden topics with services about hacking mails, pages, about selling software for Ddos attacks, botnets, ddos panels (stressors).

    3.9. The topics related to documents of citizens of any country are forbidden (sale of scans, certificates, drawing of fake documents).

    3.10. Forbidden driving in / selling driving in

Website Content
  1. Website Content
    There is no prohibited information in the public domain.

    The forum has closed sections and the system of "hides" is a personal correspondence between the forum participants, access to which by unauthorized people is closed. The disclosure of users' sensitive information (i.e. any information under the hyde or from closed sections) is prohibited, this information is closed and cannot be used against the forum administration.

    Complaints about content that violates the law are only accepted for publicly available content on the site.

    Closed information is private and not moderated in any way. A user who does not want to view information under the hyde must inform the administration about this and access will be disabled, in all other cases any screenshots or data from the closed sections will be regarded as obtained by hacking the user accounts of the site, or obtained by fraud, which is a violation of the rules of the site and legislation. Providing screenshots of private correspondence, classified information is a violation of the confidentiality of private correspondence, such information can not be transferred to people who do not have access to it. Access to classified information can only be obtained by site users, and site users are familiar with and agree to these site rules, which they checked when registering. All content on the site is left by site users and does not pass any verification. The closed content of the site is a private correspondence between users and is closed for viewing by unauthorized people.

General Provisions
  1. General Provisions
    Registration of the User in the Forum is free, voluntary and means unconditional consent to these Rules, available here. The user is responsible for the accuracy, relevance, completeness and compliance with applicable law of information provided during registration and its purity from claims of third parties. The administration is not responsible for the content of the site and user actions, all information is provided for information only and does not call for any actions. The administration has the right, at its discretion, to store, process and provide to third parties any data received from the user, including "Personal Data", including receiving this information from "Third Parties", without additional approval. In this case, the User does not have the right to demand from the Administration any compensation. The User agrees to receive information, including advertising, by email, phone and other details specified in the User’s personal profile from the Administration and third parties. The user accepts the services of the Forum on the principle of "As is", The administration is not responsible for the performance of the Site, direct or indirect losses arising from its use or non-use, as well as technical failures. The Administration has the right to unilaterally block the access of any User to the Forum, block and / or delete the User’s account, edit the details of the User’s account, delete any material posted by the User unilaterally from the Site without giving any reason.