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Aug 3, 2019
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Banner advertising

1. 300x60 banner on the main one. Price: $10 USD / month.

Banner 960x60 on the main. Price: 30$ USD / month. Fixing a banner on all pages of the forum - from 7000r ($ 105).


Banner 88x31 (other sizes are possible) on categories . Price: 5$ USD / month .


Other forms of advertising

2. Fixing a link to a resource or a link to your topic on HqCombo in the statistics on the main (recent posts) is FREE [0/6 ] :


Price: 15$ USD / week.
Fixing a link to a third-party site - 20$ USD / week.
Backlight + 7$ USD (for the entire time of payment + renewal):


3. Advertising button in the menu. Price: 30$ USD / month .


4.Securing the topic in the section: 10$ USD / month, your topic will also be highlighted in the "recent posts" section on the main one.


Setting your advertising on the background of the site (branding). Placement on all pages of the design website in the style of
your product. 80$ USD / month.

Individual offers and prices are also possible.
Prices for "shadow" and similar topics are discussed separately.
The administration is not responsible for advertising posted on the site.
Advertisers are responsible.

To view the link, you must: Sign In or Sign Up

For other options for cooperation, write to the contacts listed below:

To view the link, you must: Sign In or Sign Up
Either on the forum.

Cash is not refundable. If during the course of the advertising service you will be banned for fraud on the forum. Or your advertisement will appear for the purpose of fraud - cooperation with you will immediately cease.


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