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SOFT Airslax 5.16 Pro


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Airslax 5.16 Pro_x86
Interception and Matching Updates:
Aircrack-ng 1.3
Built-in stable version of Fluxion
Adapter power automatically increases to 30.0 dBm
New driver support
Fixed bugs in the code
Adapters on the ralink chip now work with reaver without dancing with a tambourine
Updated Firefox Browser

Interception and password selection of WiFi networks with all types of encryption.

Starting from USB Flash - The operating system installed on your computer does not matter and is completely safe, because All data and changes are written to the USB flash drive.
Support for a large number of WiFi adapters to intercept.
Using the power of a video card to select WPA / WPA2 passwords, which allows you to increase the speed of selection by tens or hundreds of times.

WEP (selection in 5-15 minutes)
WPS (password of any complexity)
GPU support:

Password selection using video cards:



Unzip the archive to your desktop, format the USB flash drive in FAT32, copy all the folders to the USB flash drive:

We go into the boot folder on the USB flash drive, run Porteus-installer-for-Windows.exe there to install on the USB flash drive from under Windows, then press ENTER in the console, and voila, our USB flash drive has become bootable. We boot from the flash drive, then we figure it out ourselves = everything is very simple there.

It is better to format the USB flash drive via the command line: Diskpart

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