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I divided my article into two conditional parts: how to deceive people, and also how to deceive something harder - polygraph. I hope you will not encounter a lie in the second case, because most often the so-called “lie detector” is used in courts and pre-trial proceedings. However, purely theoretically, even the car is very curious about the topic of lies, and its advice can improve the first type of lie - to people.

My advice is based on the recommendations of professional, no, not liars, but psychologists, although one does not exclude the other. Among them, Robert Feldman, who devoted his career to the study of lies, a psychologist from the University of Massachusetts - Robert Feldman and many others.

How to fool a person?

Of course, I greatly simplify the question - the type of lie will depend on the situation, the object of the lie, and yourself. However, there is general information that every liar should get. Collected concise but useful tips.

1. Try to plan a lie in advance
2. Be sure to add details. This is one of the most important points, because in my practice they make a lie of 40-50% percent
3. It is desirable that these details be the absolute truth, this inspires greater confidence in the story
4. But with all these trifles, the truth must be left as short as possible. Most liars fail because of suspiciously long epics
5. As few as third parties. The more people you mention in a lie - the greater the chance to get caught
6. If you still refer to someone, then make sure that this person a) wants to help you lie b) is smart enough to support this lie c) has authority in the eyes of the person to whom you are lying. If such a person exists, then you should even attract him
7. Learn to control your body. More about how a non-verbally lying person should behave in the next chapter.
8. Learn to speak beautifully, clearly, without stuttering, without stopping, but not too fast
9.Never in the least, do not change your lie. If you find flaws in it, better try to explain that you were misunderstood
10. Try to back up your lies with as much material as possible. Once upon a time, cinema tickets on which no dates were indicated were my salvation. Just check the "artifacts" in all respects - they should be perfect, otherwise - better not

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