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SOFT [Client] - [SteamMachine] - [BruteForce&Checker] - [NO CAPTCHA]




Aug 4, 2019
SteamMachineBruteForce&Checker by software.
Combo — Login:password.



[1] - Domain removal processing.

[2] - Retention of the balance if processing of the database has not been completed.

[3] - Speed. (Before all proxies brute force mode was tried, 5000 accounts per minute on 500 threads).

[4] - Work through a proxy. Types of supported proxies: Socks4 and Socks5.

[5] - Work through the Client.

[6] - LogViewer. (Download only files with the prefix "[Results]")

[6] - Visual information about Steam servers, etc.

[7] - Only that without Guard is displayed in the table with brute force.

[8] - "Over all windows" function. Present in the context menu.

[9] - Checker CSGO and Dota 2.

[10] - Checker inventory and Gift.

[1] - Bruteforce on a large number of threads in WinForms is not possible. Work with Steam is made in a separate EXE, in order to drive on a large number of threads. (SteamMachineService.exe, which lies in the program directory)

But for you everything will look as if the running application is processing your accounts. It is done so that in the middle of your work software does not crash.

[2] - The first time software is launched for a long time due to the fact that SteamKit stupidly generates information about account games and therefore made a file generator with AppId games and their name. This is for the checker. Also, if the checker did not find the AppId, it takes information about the AppId from Steamdb.info. In order not to miss the game.

The checker checks:

1) Balance

2) Games

3) KT

4) VAC

5) Level

6) Mail Binding

7) Limit / NoLimit

8) Gifs

9) Inventory

10) CSGO: title, number of victories, level

11) Dota 2: title.

Account: Login:password
URL: To view the link, you must: Sign In or Sign Up
Balance: 13 руб.
Level: 16
Email: Verified
KT: False
VAC: False
Limit: False
[#1] - [Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Multiplayer] - [Played: 2298.43 hrs.] - [Recently played: 9.20 hrs.]
[#2] - [Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2] - [Played: 420.32 hrs.] - [Recently played: 3.0 hrs.]
[#3] - [Game: Dota 2] - [Played: 290.31 hrs.] - [Recently played: 35.8 hrs.]
[#4] - [Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive] - [Played: 53.9 hrs.] - [Recently played: 0.0 hrs.]
[#5] - [Game: Spacewar] - [Played: 0.21 hrs.] - [Recently played: 0.0 hrs.]
[Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive] - [Items: 3]
[Game: Dota 2] - [Items: 36]
[Game: Steam] - [Items: 23]
Dota 2 - Rank: Unranked
CS:GO - Rank: Unranked - Wins: 10 - Level: 4
[Gift: Dead Island: Epidemic Beta Gift]
[Gift: DmC: Devil May Cry]
[Gift: Dream Pinball 3D]
[Gift: Grand Theft Auto Collection]
[Gift: Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition]
[Gift: Max Payne 3 Complete]
[Gift: Natural Selection 2]
[Gift: Painkiller Hell & Damnation Collectors]
[Gift: Slender: The Arrival]
[Gift: Steam Trading Card Beta Access - Extra Copy]
[Gift: Trine 2: Complete Story]
[Gift: Tropico 4]
[Gift: XCOM: Enemy Unknown]

In case of errors, install the .NET Framework 4.7.2. The topic will be closed if the software is not restored. [/ spoiler]

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To view the link, you must: Sign In or Sign Up
To view the link, you must: Sign In or Sign Up

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