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ClixSense database leaked September 2016 - Re-Uploaded 18/11/2019 - Free Download




Sep 30, 2019

In September 2016, the paid-to-click site ClixSense suffered a data breach which exposed 2.4 million subscriber identities. The breached data was then posted online by the attackers who claimed it was a subset of a larger data breach totalling 6.6 million records. The leaked data was extensive and included names, physical, email and IP addresses, genders and birth dates, account balances and passwords stored as plain text.

On the News:
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Filetype: SQL

Note: The data on this database are a match. I have research this db before and i was able to login to services such as Mega.nz and see the files shared. I even got access to information that i shouldn't like copy of ID card, Utility Bill, etc...

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Download 2:
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