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Method Easy Steam steal




Aug 12, 2019
We need to buy a regular key with a game for 10-15 cents, or even somewhere to take it for free, most importantly - a key, and that it was not activated. Then, we look for the victim, and rub ourselves into her trust, at this stage we need to find out the victim’s login from the stim, which is also useful to us.
Having a victim and her login (check) - we throw him our key with the game, we can say that this is some kind of top game, a la Far Cry 5, PUBG, or something so cool that the victim does not have (you can pretend that you do not need it for the reason, say, a double purchase of keys by chance) Then, having that he entered the key, and his login - we can, in fact, already take his account. You can also find out his mail from Steam, for example, in order to send him your textbook with game keys there (cheating, of course) - and this is already ~ 95% stollen account.
And here the fun begins: We press "forgot password", and we write to the support to restore the account, supposedly it was stolen from us, as evidence, we attach the previously activated key (you can wait a week, for sure), login, and the account’s native mail, in the form of a previously forgotten password, we stupidly insert its nickname (it always worked, technical support there works mainly in the form of a bot, therefore, it checks with all the available data), and write that we need to transfer the account to another mail. Profit.
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