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[FAQ] How to earn a newcomer to the darknet.




Aug 3, 2019
List of chapters:

1. The basics of determining the uniqueness of the user.

2. Personality change tools.

3. General analysis of work statistics and behavioral factors.

4. List of affiliate programs with nuances and comments.

Chapter 1 - The basics of determining the uniqueness of a user and personality change tools.

So let's start, for successful work on wrapping affiliate programs we need to put ourselves in the place of the affiliate program.

What would you do to stop the illegal methods that users use to extract benefits?

What user identification systems would you create?

Unfortunately, methods for determining the user's uniqueness are developing every day, and if you could wind up AdSense using the banal TOP, 3-4 years ago, now TOP, I2P, Meshnet, Psiphon, Freenet are only suitable for downloading child porn and nothing more are able.

Thor, like all its analogues, was created for one purpose - to anonymize the user and remove censorship (we do not consider military goals). They were not created so that people could make money with their help.

In any of the TOR networks there is an Input (you) and an Output (output relay)

How does the affiliate program understand that I am going through Tor?

Elementaryly simple, a one-page script analyzes the exit points every second, thereby forming a list for the black list of the antifraud filter. That is, as soon as you made yourself an output relay - your ip immediately appeared in the filters of all affiliate programs in the world.

Therefore, we will forget about TOR and its ilk once and for all, but we will remember their structure - it will be useful to us.

TOP is useless?

Thor is useless as a means of cheating, but in skilled brains it is a formidable weapon in the fight against competitors.

With its help, you can still drain money from advertising campaigns AdSens, Direct and the like.

User authentication methods:

(I will describe based on Google AdSense as a reference)

1. IP

2. DNS

3. Browser client

4. Browser fingerprint

5. Web Cookies

6. LSO Cookies

7. Temporary files

8. Time zone correspondence with ip address and dns

9. javascript

10. MAC address + HWID

11. Browser cache

12. Evercookie

13. System fonts

14. Operating system

15 Installed languages.

And for normal operation, we will need to change all 15 points.

Still have a desire to work? Then let's move on.

From the whole list there are critical and non-critical items, but for stable operation we will need to completely change everything - because we want to earn constantly and a lot, and not exchange for $ 100 in a Chuhanka affiliate.

All affiliate programs follow these points to identify the user, someone follows all, someone only some part - only developers know about this.

Next, we move on to fine-tuning our working, diverse machine.

Chapter 2 - Personality Change Tools

There are many combinations of software that allow us to achieve the goal we need. Next I will give a list of options and in more detail I will talk about the simplest of them.

Combinations for wrapping affiliate

programs : 1. Virtual + Software for changing Mac and Hvid + Mozilla with add-ons.

2. WHONIX with carved TOR.

3. Local city network and the use of all PCs on the network as exit points.

We will consider the simplest option number 1. Options 2, 3 are extremely difficult to implement for the average user since network technologies are far from familiar to everyone, or rather are familiar to everyone, but few are familiar with them (C) Vetalka.

To begin with, we need to determine the affiliate program, which we will wind up. I don’t even consider Russian affiliate programs. they are ALL, without exception frigid, and were written by disabled children born of a blind legless prostitute.

Our combination is not suitable for cheating AdSens, options No. 2, 3 are necessary there, but for all other affiliate programs it will be quite acceptable.

1.Virtual machine (Install any English version of XP or 7)

2. Software for changing HWID - ID-Blaster Plus 2.0

3. Software for changing HDSN - Hard Disc serial number changer

4. Software for changing MAC -MadMACs 2

All software is free, I will not indicate links - you will easily find it yourself.

Next, we need the most important thing - setting up our browser.

Only Mozilla Firefox is suitable for us, on which we need to install the following extensions:

1. Firegloves - The most important update for mozilla that will change the fingerprint of the browser. Because of the danger, he was removed from the update of the shop and you will have to sweat a little to find him. He has no analogues.

2. NoScript - helps us protect ourselves from vile Java scripts.

3. Ghostery - Useless to ensure anonymity, but shows which sites and how they are trying to follow us. A very useful parser and completely useless anonymizer.

4. BetterPrivacy - A very important extension that will allow us to fight with LSO cookies, which are all the cheaters.

5. AnonymoX - Proxies. This is a monster, with his help even a stick accepts payments without ringing. He is paid. It is necessary to buy.

6. Proxy Tool - We will use this extension only to change the browser client.

7. Self-Destructing Cookies - A very powerful cookie control tool.

And so, after installing all the extensions, we get the perfect browser for our future work. I will not dwell on the settings because most of the settings will suit us by default. But if someone has difficulties, ask.

The last thing we need to do is put a ban on reading and writing information for our account on all system folders. This is done using standard Windows security features.

The algorithm of work:

1. Launch the browser.

2. Go to the site.

3. Follow the link for cheating.

4. Stay on the advertised page for 30-180 seconds.

5. Make 2-3 clicks on the advertised page.

6. Close the browser.

7. Change HWID.

8. Change HDSN.

9. Change the MAC.

At least 1 cycle will take us 2-3 minutes, but I think getting $ 2-4 for it is pretty good. We can get around $ 30 per hour, and in which affiliate programs I will tell you such good prices in the last chapter of my story.

Topic in topic.

For an audience that has not reached the age of 16 - There is a site where they play poker - 888.com. When you register, they give $ 2, which can not be withdrawn, but you can lose to another person who can already withdraw them even to WebMoney. You can easily earn $ 10 an hour.

Chapter 3 - General analysis of work statistics and behavioral factors.

This chapter is the smallest and practically devoid of technical knowledge, but without it it is impossible to move on.

Along with all kinds of antifraud filters, there are two more categories of filters analyzing the legitimacy of clicks.

Statistical filters.

Filters that monitor site visitors by analyzing:

1. Referral.

2. CTR.

3. Statistics of visits.

4. The failure rate.

Behavioral factors monitor:

1. Transitions within the site.

2. "Where did the user go?"

3. The time spent on the site.

There are years of developed coefficients of the average site and the average visitor to this site.

And if the system doesn’t like something, it informs the operator who analyzes the legitimacy of the traffic.

One of the most important factors is the CTR

CTR (from the English click-through rate - click-through rate) is an indicator that expresses the ratio of the number of clicks on advertisements or banners to the number of impressions, presented as a percentage. CTR is used in the field of online advertising to evaluate its effectiveness.

CTR cannot exceed 2%! With a CTR greater than 2%, the risk of a ban increases by 20 times.

That is, we made 2 clicks, and 100 people need to attract traffic.

It’s a waste of time to catch up traffic to a site by imitating real visitors. We ourselves should only click on our ads.

There is a wonderful traffic exchange - popunder.ru

There we need to create an advertising campaign, and select visitors for the region of the site + choose interests (without choosing interests, the average residence time is 3 seconds, with the choice of interest it rises to 20+) Plus, distribute them across time.


I have a UK gambling news site. I chose the appropriate country - Great Britain, chose interests and made a schedule in which I indicated the peak points of visit and the lowest - at night at UTC +0.

On average, 500+ people visited my site every day, which allows about 10 clicks per hour. With the right choice of affiliate program and topics, this will make it possible to earn 30-40 dollars per hour, while the cost for visitors per hour is only 2 dollars.

With attracted traffic, we are not interested in behavioral factors, we are only interested in CTR of no more than 2%

So also a little life experience - Sometimes even the most honest site can be sent to the ban. This is done in order to look at the reaction of the owner. If a person has not done anything, then he is not sure of the legitimacy of his actions. Do not be afraid to communicate with customer support - they will be very useful to you.

Also, before starting work, I recommend that you make a virtual host of the site - which will have a passport, social security card, address and phone number and account in the national payment system.

No Jack Daniels from Manchester will ever ask for a Yandex money transfer.

Chapter 4 - List of affiliate programs with nuances and comments.

So, you have already set up a combat vehicle, created a site, which users bought regularly visit and now you need to monetize all this.

Below I will provide a list of affiliate programs with comments from personal experience. I worked with each of them, with someone more with someone less. All CPCs were personal experience.

But they all live by the phrase of Felix Dzerzhinsky:

The absence of your ban is not your merit, but our flaw.

Affiliate programs:

1. Google AdSense

By right, one of the best affiliate programs with the best security system. Without changing the DNS, it makes no sense to meddle in it.

Maximum price achieved per click - 16 euros

Payment by check. We indicate the address of our bank in Belize - the check will come in 48 hours. Collection will take place automatically and the money will be credited to your account. All withdrawal takes a maximum of 72 hours.

Nuance - If you indicate that you are Russian - the risk of a ban increases 100 times.

2. 7search

Excellent affiliate program, which I still use. The entire article was written under this affiliate program. It works amazingly, the only negative is the payment once a month.

The maximum price achieved for 1 click is $ 6.73.

With dense work from one site, the profit can be up to 10 thousand dollars.

3. admitad

Many people like this affiliate program , but I personally consider it, like all domestic affiliate programs completely sucks. Standing under the church is more productive than working with this affiliate.

The maximum achieved price per 1 click - $ 0.61. The

masses do not count visitors, clicks, low advertising prices and the support service is degenerates with megalomania.

4. bidvertiser

Excellent affiliate program . Good prices.

The maximum price reached for 1 click is $ 8.

Payments once a month to the paypal account. Very loyal to fraud.


The only PPS affiliate on the list.

The price for one registration is 2 dollars.

Unlimited number of registrations.

Payment once a week to the mass of EPS.

6. bingads

Product from Microsoft. Very similar to Internet Explorer - it seems to fulfill its function, but somehow through the ass.

The maximum price achieved for 1 click is $ 12.

It is very strict towards fraud.

7. mivamerchant

Good affiliate program . Loyal to Fraud. Payments weekly.

The maximum price achieved per click is $ 3.49.

This list should be enough for you - I do not want to give unnecessary information. Any of these affiliate programs will be enough for you for stable and high-quality work.
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