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FAQ on the forum - How to get a like? How to write a message? ....




Aug 3, 2019
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I often noticed similar questions in the chat:
How to put sympathy? How to write a message? Etc.

To like / like a message, you need to make one click, namely click on the heart under the message.



To write a message in a topic, you just need to go below and pay attention to this field:


In this field you should write your message and click "reply".


To create a topic, you need to go to the appropriate section and click "Post Thread":


How to get like?
Other users give sympathy if they find your post / topic helpful.
An example of a useful post is helping another user help a question.

How to brute, I don’t know how to brute, help AAAAAAAAAA:
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Programs for brute are in this section:
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Why did my likes disappear?

Possible reasons:
- Cheat sympathy for meaningless posts on your part
- Cheat sympathy for your meaningless posts from another user
- In the case of partial nullification of sympathies (10-15), the reason is the removal of sympathies from the offender, who put some sympathies for you on useful messages


Group promotions (from Newbie to Expert)

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How to install a Hide



Also, you can ask questions in the topic, I will answer them, for example:
Which proxies are better?
What types of proxies / bases exist and how do they differ?
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