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Method Forgot about the price with Double Spend




Aug 3, 2019
Sup mates! Today I'll show you how to buy goods and refill balance with bitcoin for free, without actual spending of your funds.


This vulnerability was found long time ago, right after bitcoin invention, it's very easy to perform it, and, despite those facts, it's curiously underrated and undiscovered by both: fraudsters and their victims.

So, tonight i was searching for the new sources of shells, explored and loaded money to many shops. One of them was: base69.net


I've sent 50$ and money reflected on my balance instantly after the payment, with no wait for network confirmations. It's a big mistake to receive payments in that way, cuz after the sending, bitcoins are remain on the sender's wallet and he will be able to spend them again and again until any of those transactions will receive the first confirmation.

[you have 0.5 BTC on your wallet]

  1. You send them to shop with very low commission like 1-2 satoshi, so it will take many time for confirmation
  2. Shop "sees" that you've send the money and refill your balance
  3. You make another transaction and send them to your wallet now, but with high commission(50-100 satoshi), so this transaction will receive confirmation first, money will comeback to you, and the transaction to the shop will be bounced out of blockchain
You can't perform this exploit with regular wallets like blockchain and localbitcoins, the most easy way is to use online services, and the most safest way is to install opensource script(To view the link, you must: Sign In or Sign Up) on your own server. In this tutorial I've used Fomero.com - USE THIS SERVICE AT YOUR OWN RISC, WE CAN'T GUARANTEE ANYTHING!


1) I've started a new bitcoin refill in shop, got wallet id and btc amount


2) Created new double spend on fomero.com


3) Saved the private key and provided the legit link to the shop ofc :D
(JK, don't share working links with them)


4) Funded fomero including 10% service commission


5) After one confirmation first transaction was send, and when shop refilled my balance I've sent the second one


6) Here you can see, that balance was applied, transaction to shop is still unconfirmed and money successfully comebacks to me

Now your turn :D The shop provided in this article is valid and you can fuck it too, but, to be honest, the quality of stuff they supply is kinda low - all shells i bought were invalid. The last post with freebies was filled with their items - hope they are better with accounts at least.
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