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Google Play Gift Card Private Method




Aug 30, 2019
1. To card Google play gift card ,first clear your Cookies in browser\par

2. Then go to any app that is paid and below like 2$ or less ( I recommend whatsapp) if yougo to whatsapp go to payment info and select first column that is for 0.99$

3. get your card from atn or buy from shop\par

4. bin recommended 517805,372739 ,417409 or amex gold ,capital one bank (only USA cc)

Even if card dont have name amd zip you can add any name and us zip because those bin are non avs

6. Now ready to go if paymenr succesfull for 0.99$ then go to buy google play credit and select your gift card 5$,10$,15$,25$ or 50$ .now all done and it success

7.even if card declined after use Google play never charge back and card showing declined will always work for small amount like after few weeks

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