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The operation scheme of the GUARANTEE service:
  • One of the participants in the transaction contacts the GUARANTEE service at the contacts indicated at the end of the topic, reports its conditions (product / service, terms, delivery method, etc.), indicates the second participant in the transaction (his contacts and a link to the profile from the forum if it is registered on our forum).
  • The buyer transfers the funds to the GUARANTEE service. GUARANTEE service notifies the seller about this, the seller sends the goods to the buyer.
  • The buyer receives the goods, checks them and informs about the result of the GUARANTEE service. Further:
  • If all is well, then the GUARANTEE service transfers the money to the Seller and, at his request, leaves an informational comment on his successful work through the GUARANTEE service in his topic.
  • If there are deficiencies recognized by both participants, then the GUARANTEE service waits until they are completely eliminated, after which it acts in accordance with paragraph 4.
  • In the event of a dispute, the GUARANTEE service makes a decision depending on personal conviction and the evidence provided. Most likely, the GUARANTOR will send the parties to the Arbitration.
  • Please indicate the most complete information about the requirements for the product, the timing and delivery methods, write down all the details that are important to you. This will simplify the task of the GUARANTEE service in the event of a dispute.
service is not responsible for the legality of transactions made by the parties, the
GUARANTEE service is only responsible for the quality control of the purchase and sale transaction.

If a transaction with the participation of the Guarantor service is not carried out, the Guarantor service charges 10% of the amount for the use of its accounts. The
Guarantor service accepts transfers and makes payments in the following currencies:
  • QIWI
  • BTC
The buyer is responsible if his transfer will lead to the blocking of the wallet of the GUARANTEE service. Any transactions on folding are not carried out and are decided in the direction of the seller.

Guarantor appeal form:
TRANSACTION QUESTIONNAIRE Fill in only those fields that you can fill out. For all difficult points, contact the guarantor.

Method of transferring money to the guarantor (QIWI, Poison, WebMoney, BTC):
Amount to be transferred to the guarantor in RUB / USD (cost of goods / services):
Date of transfer of goods:
Name of product:
Way of transfer of goods:
Special conditions (all that you want to add):
Who pays the commission (customer / seller):
Dates (date / approximate time Moscow time) of the transaction:
Contacts guarantor of service.
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Adding to that with a simple service manager. I have taken parts of what I use which I use but normally do not require any failure information. This is a simple example with PInvoke starting, stopping, installing and uninstalling a service.

vb Code:

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