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Method How do they steal Telegram channels?




Aug 4, 2019
We are looking for selling channels in Google and on various exchanges. We also make a list of those who are alive, have normal online, and have been created for a long time. We find statistics and channels on the tgstat website. Of course, the best choice is business and crypto channels, or simply large ones where you can profitably sell ads. It’s important that the channel is sold by transferring the founder’s account.

? Communication with admins of the sold channels.
We start by asking about the details of blogging activities, monetization schemes, showing that we are ready to buy, but we have dozens of questions and in general this area is new for us, so we don’t understand much. Be sure to bargain and ask for support for the future. Most admins are prepared for the fact that 90% of writing people are scammers.

? Communication with the usual administrator.
I will describe 1 of the scripts by which you can bring the admin to the thought of selling the channel. Allegedly you are an advertiser, start a conversation about buying advertising on the channel. You will be asked what you want to advertise, say that right now you are preparing to create a channel with a similar theme.

You can mention the amount of your budget. Let this be the number of subscribers to the victim’s channel multiplied by 10 and rounded to hundreds of thousands. For example, the channel has 18k subscribers, which means you have a budget of supposedly 200k.

We ask about the effectiveness and impact of advertising on the admin channel. Then we smoothly move on to the topic of how much the admin raises on the channel, and can give advice on promoting the channel. In the process of communication, having established a friendly contact, we supposedly jokingly ask, “how much would you sell your channel for?” And then we follow the previous communication script.

? Prelude.
We need the admin to show their channel live. This is a normal requirement. We supposedly look at the subscribers, suddenly there are Uzbeks, Arabs with Rodriguez, or even names that look like bots. We also want to see admins, suddenly there are bots of auto views. Ask for a screen shot, for example, using Skype or discord. Mobile is better for a scammer, but a PC screen is enough if the admin is from the creator’s account. We communicate in a voice with the administrator (+ to trust), look at how he scrolls the list of his subscribers. Then we look at the list of admins. We ask that he show the profile of the creator.

? Capture
The rogue sees the creator's phone number and logs in from his device. At this moment, the victim’s account notification comes with a code, which we see with a demo.

The victim abruptly interrupts contact, but in a panic, he may be forgotten. But crooks need to quickly take a few steps, which are important to hone in advance so as not to look for where to click.

1 - delete all admins in the channel.

2 - add your account (s) to the list of admins.

3 - delete the account of the creator.

Another not very important action, but it will not be superfluous, is to take the ID of the deleted account.

? How to increase the chances of a successful capture.
Rename your future admin account to the name of someone from the list of admins. So the admin will not delete you if he understands your intentions. Ideally, if you are with a partner and manage to log in simultaneously from 2 devices. At the same time, 1 removes the admins, and the other adds 1-2 just in case.

? Effects.
The channel began to belong to you. To sell such without the creator will already be problematic. The ways to earn income from it are either by advertising, or by selling schemes / courses / training. In general, you can throw subscribers as you like, since no one will notice the substitution.​

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