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How to crack League of Legends accounts [ Tutorial ] + [ Checker ]


#F9 TEAM ??


#F9 TEAM ??
Aug 24, 2019
Hello! I can't grantee all files are 100% clean but I compiled these tools by myself and made everything as clean as possible. This took me a lot of work so please give it a like. This is all still working currently. To make the config work for your region, find the login site for your region by going to the login page on google and put it as the target url. The key words are still the same. Tutorial is included regarding the tools in this pack!

Steps to crack:

(this is all from memory so it won't be exact)

(please like it takes a second and it gives me something for the work I'm putting into this c : )

Use the league scrapper to get usernames. It should make a folder with three text files in it, create a new text file in the folder and copy and paste the contents of the three output files from the scraper into the new text file.

Open botop combo list maker, put the new text file in there. Where it says separator or something like that remove the :

For the passwords put "1" "12" "123" "1234"

Generate your new list in the same folder your previous scraped usernames are so it's more organized. This part is confusing so reread a couple of times. Take the newly generated list from botop and merge into the master list that was created from the three text files of scraped usernames. Now you have your completed password list.

Get your proxies from scraping them with the tools along with the list. Check them after with frozen proxy checker which I believe is in the pack. (just buy a proxy service this part takes a long time and you get iffy results it's like $5)

Go to sentry and load the snapshot which I think is called W9 NA or something like that. Honestly I think it's already loaded into sentry as I was using it before I uploaded this. Then start the checker and get your hits (lq password list so it will take a long time to check because of how many combos there is but there will be hits probably about 40)

Once you have your hits, go to history then select all of your hits rightclick them and press copy combos to clipboard and put them in a notepad file to store your hits. Open the checker (not the green one the grey / blue one that allows proxies) and run the checker.


Here is the pack download:
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