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SOFT Private Keeper - [Cracked]




Aug 3, 2019

Private Keeper - An application for developers. An advanced tool for people who want to develop applications without knowledge of programming languages.

Functionality of the program:
Initially, this application was created as a collection of bruteforce and useful utilities.
But in the development process, it was almost completely redone and rethought.
Now, you yourself can create your bruteforce \ utilities using in-Line technologies.
It contains a utility for collecting private proxies from other private services.
There are also already finished projects, they are on this site, in the "Application Store" section.
It has a huge number of free projects that are constantly updated.
There is an opportunity to collect all your other programs in one place in the Integrated Applications panel.

Additional utilities:
The program has a huge list of utilities for working with text and proxies.
You no longer need to "drag" a bunch of text utilities with you.

in-Line utilities: The
best part of the program, using these utilities, you can easily create bruteforce or a utility of any complexity.

Integration of third-party applications:
In this section you can create links to your programs for their quick launch.
The program has a setting - "Automatically open the program when you enter the program", thus
when you start the system, you no longer need to look for your other applications, you just need to go to the "Integrated Applications" tab.

The program has an English language

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To view the link, you must: Sign In or Sign Up
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