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Method Refund for any product (Aliexpress) (Private)




Aug 15, 2019
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Hello! Thank you for purchasing the method!
And now closer to the point:
And so, we decided to refund any product from Alik, opened a dispute, and then bam, and we are given the decision "0 rubles return", or "Sending the goods back."
It's simple, all we need:
1. Close the dispute. It is important, the main thing is that the order is still under the protection of the buyer.
2. We create an order with any product from this store. DO NOT PAY IT.
3. We write in TP (Online Chat) the text “Hello! I was deceived by the seller. He sent me a defective phone (Or not as described, it depends on why the dispute was opened.). We agreed that he would make a discount for the next order, but as soon as I closed the dispute, he stopped answering me. We throw two order numbers (Old and New). If TP asks for a screen, then there’s nothing complicated, just make a screen from an email, where the seller of the type agrees to make a discount so that you cancel the dispute.

We call the discount price as much as you want to get a refund.

After this, the TP creates a ticket, and within 48 hours they return the money to the wallet from which they paid.

The method is 100% working.

Remember! Dumping the method into public is almost immediately a fallen method that will stop working in just a few days.

Successful refs!

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