Method We get any passwords. Create a phishing site.




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We get any passwords. Create a phishing site.

Hello. Without further ado, let's get down to business. I will use kali linux.

So. We launch the terminal. For this, right-click on the table and "open terminal".


Next we write "setoolkit" - a set of tools for social engineering.


We select the first item.


Next is the second "website attack vector".


Then select option 3 "credential harvester attack method".


And the last 2 option or "site cloner".


Here you will need to enter 2 parameters.

1) Where will the requests go, that is, the ip address of the server, in this case "localhost", you don’t have a personal server configured?

2) The domain of the site to be copied, in this case VK, I just could not help but take it as an example


If you do everything right, you will see something similar.


We write in the localhost browser and you see that all actions are immediately displayed in the console.


To check, enter the username and password and you will immediately see it on the left.


Answers on questions.

What is localhost?
localhost or - this is your computer on which the web server rests, on which the site, in turn, runs
Who will lead this, not even, but some localhost, are you kidding?
Once again, the article is written as an example and it is unlikely that you will have your own dedicated web server and domain like ṿ to make the site indistinguishable from the original (I hope everyone paid attention to the letter ṿ).
Will the site be available from the Internet?
No, this site will be available only to you and everyone on your local network.
Is it possible to make an indistinguishable site from the original in this way?
Yes. Buy a server, look for the domain that will most closely match the original and forth.

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