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Method What are logs and how to work with them




Aug 3, 2019

Log - this is the data from the owner's computer, which contains cookies, passes, information about the hardware, IP, as well as files from the desktop.

I will give an example of a log from the AzorUlt stiller.

This is what the log looks like. The meaning is approximately the same, from different stylers the logs can look different. The date indicated on the log is the date when the download to your panel occurred. Thus, when buying logs, by opening this file at the initial stage, you can understand how its statute of limitations. Usually, bona fide sellers sell logs with a maximum of 3 weeks - a month. If the date is quite old, then the log is considered not high quality.

The main task in working with the log is its picking. In general, the logs contain enough information that is suitable for various purposes. There is already a personal matter for everyone who likes to work and why. You can take it with blackmail, drive in, you can steal someone else's accounts and then ask for a ransom for them, you can work with crypto, with exchanges, with cold wallets, with accounts of ebay, amazon, etc. Who has enough imagination)

In general, the most important thing in working with logs is that the system perceives us as its own person. I use a simple accessible bundle when working, namely Chrome + editthiscoockie + webrtc + vpn + user agent. Currently using Windscribe and Ip Vanish. For frequent, IP doesn't mean much to us, you can use any, most importantly, so that it does not have blackouts. For individual countries, for example, when working with a stick, it is advisable to adjust to the zip, or to take a clean sock)

The main requirement in working with logs is not passwords, as many people think, but the presence of cookies. With cookies, you can get the most out of it.

PART 1. Where can I get the logs?
There are several options for obtaining logs. The simplest is their purchase. The forums have a sufficient number of sellers that sell logs, and different prices.

There are logs and at 20 r apiece, there are also at $ 20. The price of the log depends on its quality, country, as well as the services that are inside there. The most expensive for sale are US logs. Due to the fact that there are a huge number of banks, as well as paypal accounts. Logs that cost 20p, most often without sampling, and basically there is all kinds of trash, like social networks or toys, although it happens that things are lucky and come across.

For example, when buying a log with a paypal account, it is important to check not only the password for it, but also whether it is in cookies. We check by ordinary search in the textbook with cookies, by request of paypal. If there are lines and not one, then this log is considered good.

This is what a normal log looks like))
Most often, when embedding cookies from such a log, the same paypal automatically issues the mail we need, on which the account is registered. Because often it happens that the owner has a lot of mail, and we do not have a password or login to paypal. With such a log, having received at least a login, we can try to find the password for the account from those that we have. Also, the advantage of such a log is that the Peipal system perceives us as its own person, due to the presence of cookies and can give us a drive into something without first swinging it.

What else you need to know about the purchased log is whether it sold for 10 hands. The simplest check is mail checking. First of all, when checking, we embed cookies in the browser and stomp the owner's mail.

In the case of gmail mail, just check the logging in it.

We mate the mail to the very bottom and click the "Details" button.

A window will open for us with the latest activity in the mail. Thus, it is possible to understand whether there were other extraneous logging besides ours

This is a good log)

By IP and country, you can understand that over the past 3 days, nobody logged into your account except me and the owner. Also, you can see the letters in the basket, but you never know, someone has already tried to "break" it. Running a little ahead, I'll immediately say that the owner does not receive any notifications about third-party logging, the thing is that the system mistook us for its own person because we had cookies.

Well, now with a whole log of cookies on hand, you can start work with passes)

The second option to get logs is to buy your own styler / botnet with a loader function.

Having your own stiller, in general, you can not worry about the fact that someone has already picked up your log before you. What is the difference between stylers? In their functionality. Stillers that poke passes from Firefox and Chrome, as well as there is a form grabber setting (trit files from the desktop), and wallet.dat are good stylers. Although, there are inexpensive ones in sales, without firefox, but only with Chrome, well, in general, you can also fuck it) When buying your own styler, you need to take care of hosting, free or cheap ones will not last long and there is a risk after the strait to stay with than, due to the fact that your socket will simply fly off, it will be blocked and you will say goodbye to your logs. Therefore, you can either purchase the styler on a ready-made bulletproof hosting such as Nocturnal, or you can put the panel on a separate bulletproof hosting yourself.

This is how the AzorUlt styler panel looks like

It looks like Nocturnal

It looks like Arkei
Screenshots of panels, not mine, but honestly spizhennye.)))
As we can see with the example of 3 panels of stylers, they look about the same. The content of passes, logs in general, country or IP, date jack, data from ss and files, etc.

How to get the coveted logs in our socket? There are 2 varinata. Buy installs, or rather install our virus, or distribute it yourself.

When buying installs, logs we get in a limited and initially indicated quantity. The main rule - 1000 istalls - NOT EQUALLY 1000 LOGS !!! In general, what will be the impact, and the impact depends on many factors. From, for example, crypt (masking), our file, or from the configuration of the form grabber. If we want to cover everything in a row that is on the desktop, then the output can be 20%, checked by ourselves)))

In general, when you buy 1000 installs, the average odtuk is 70-80%, ie, 700-800 logs will appear in the socket. But that's not all! Some of them can be empty, some of them can only be with cookies, some with 1-2 passwords and this is absolutely normal. In the end, oily good logs can get about 250-300.

Consider the distribution option yourself. You can just shove our encrypted .exe under the guise of cheats (school scholars)))), or the super-duper of a new program, for something. It so happens that after installing and running the styler, it will appear in our panel in the form of the same log.) In addition, you can ask a good person to merge your styler with this program, then it turns out that our. exe does not cause any suspicions and no one will not run to reinstall Windows)) You can distribute, as already understood, in various forums, on YouTube, on torrents, in forums, in VK, in the end) Yes, this method is almost free, but time-consuming if you do not want to spend money for installations Do the same, you simply do not have them, you can use this option.

That with the first, that with the second option, the result will be the same - getting logs. But here a lot will depend on quality. It is clear that when spreading in VK, the quality of speech may not go.

PART 2. System setup.
As I wrote above, I use regular Chrome to work. I do not work with Dediks, I do not work with virtual computers, realms and other joys. Just Chrome, plain chrome.
  • On it, we install the Editthiscoockie extension - this is necessary to embed cookies in the browser.
  • Also, install WebRTC
  • And the User-agent, which replaces our browser, with the owner's browser, if necessary
  • And of course VPN.
Previously, work was only with Winscribe, but in the last couple of months, it began to be missed, either there is no country I need, or there is, but IP in blacks is impossible. Therefore, in the supplement, I can advise you to use the same Ip Vanish. Ip Vanish is convenient in that it has a fairly large number of servers, for any country.

After installing all the extensions and connecting to the VPN, let's go check our IP on To view the link, you must: Sign In or Sign Up

The output should have something like this.

Next, how to embed cookies in a browser. We find our cookie file in the log, press CTRL + A CTRL + C and convert cookies to Json format. AzorUlt stylers in panels have a built-in converter.

After that, copy what the converter gave us, go to our main browser and paste the cookies into our “Cookie”.


And that's all, cookies in the browser, you can start fumbling

First of all, I always check mail. Because having access to mail, you can pull out a lot of things, even without passes. In general, you need patience, desire and wide eyes so that you do not inadvertently miss something worthwhile.

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