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SOFT WrapSqlmap




Aug 4, 2019
version of sqlmap, which can do everything the same as the original sqlmap, we only specify the target in the sites.txt file (you can change the file name in wrapper_config.py) and not one. Suppose, if you rent a server of medium power, then WrapSqlmap can check about 3-4 thousand sites per day. I tried to find the author of the program, but it didn’t work (if anyone knows the author, give him respect). I also know that there is another version where the kernel is completely rewritten. So, the most important thing is in the two files wrapper_config.py and wrapper.py.

In this file, we change the parameters we need, suppose the name of the file with the goals, specify the parameters for Sqlmap: RISK, LEVEL, streams, proxies, etc. ...

Just added a couple of functions, the first one is checking the file with goals, it checks whether domain protocol (http, https), if not, then adds, also searches and removes domains such as facebook, microsoft, etc. If you do not want the program to check your file with goals, then in wrapper_config.py find the Check_List parameter and set the value to False. Also added column draining, that is, when you start the program, you specify the columns that sqlmap should merge. Example:
python wrapper.py email, pass, ssn

If you do not specify an argument, then the column search will go by default. The program opens a bunch of threads in parallel and starts sqlmap.

Here is a screenshot of the program:

Old version
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Update 8.05.19
Fixed some errors.
So far this is a demo version of the update. Implemented WordPress, Drupal, OpenCart bruteforce. You can check sites on SQLi without draining - settings in the config. Will be available on github
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To view the link, you must: Sign In or Sign Up
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